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Steven James – Künstler aus Miami

Ich freue mich ganz besonders, Euch heute ein Bild des Künstlers Steven James Kroeger aus Miami in Florida vorstellen zu dürfen.

2017-05-12 11.39.49

Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch genauso gut wie mir! Ich finde die Entstehungsgeschichte phantastisch, die lasst ihr Euch am besten von Steven selbst erzählen.

Foto: Steven James

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  1. Steven Kroeger sagt:

    Hello thank you so much Daniela , very nice of you.
    I painted these images in a clinic in Ft Lauderdale Florida..in 2008.
    It was part of a larger project with the African theme.
    It was fun and the children love it.
    Thank you so much

  2. Hello Steven,
    I love your picture very much an I think it ist worth to be shown to many people.
    so why don’t you presten it and 4 other pictures in my online magazine for artnetworking KURVE
    here the link https://kulturvernetzung.jimdo.com/kurve-1-2017/
    This is an Online-Magazine which connects artists to each other and first of all to people interested in ART.
    The LINK of this MAGAZINE will be distributed to socail media as ther are FaCEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+ etc. so that as many people as possible get involved to this ARTNETWORK.
    Publishing in the Magzine will cost you 10,- (euro), what you have to transfer to the account of our assosiation (Theaterverein „Vorhang Auf!“).
    For answers or for mailing your article contact us: vorhang_auf@outlook.com. Then you will get too the number of the account of our assosiation to transfer the amount of 10,-
    Greetings from Vienna Austria

  3. Steven Kroeger sagt:

    Thank you so much

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